At P & J Accounting Services, we strive to make our office a one-stop shop for all things finance.

As such, we provide the following services :

  • Income Tax Returns for individuals, partnerships, businesses, rental properties, companies and trusts.
  • Electronic lodgement of all Income Tax Returns for fast refunds, if due .. usually within 14 days.
  • BAS Returns.
  • all accounting services for individuals and small businesses
  • accounting and business advice
  • advice on investments, business planning and business strategies
  • financial planning Referrer, incluing personal and business loans
  • taxation services for small businesses and individuals
  • effective tax planning
  • mortgage Referrer
  • home loan Referrer
  • personal loan Referrer
  • car finance Referrer
  • investment loan Referrer
  • and much much more

Please contact us to make an appointment to see how P & J Accounting Services can help you and/or your business.